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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Solar City

Beneath the Sahara Desert sands of Africa Solar City is home to Thea and the Solar System kids.  From Solar City the Solar System kids travel and explore the universe and all the worlds in it with the Solar System Access Vehicle.  

Thea's father conceived in secret and built Solar System Access Vehicles in which he and his children used to visit other planets in the universe and bring back to earth the resources to build Solar City and create the most advanced technologies mankind has ever known.  Now an adult, Thea is head of the secret Solar System Kids Program which identifies and recruits exceptionally brilliant and talented kids of all ages from around the World. 

Once upon a time as a teenager Thea with her Solar System Access Vehicle saved the President of the United States, his staff and crew, who were stranded in space on Space Shuttle One.  In numerous incidents attributed to UFO's by local and worldwide media or governments, Thea saved both commercial and military airplanes from disasters, cleaned up trashed polluted rivers and lakes, prevented the meltdown of a nuclear plant as well as quite a few recuse missions using her egg shaped glass Solar System Access Vehicle.

Few people outside the Solar System Kids and their families knew of the existence of Solar City.  Although a President of the United States, his crew and staff, were rescued from space by Thea and they knew of the Solar System Access Vehicle they kept their words and kept it secret.  Decades later only President Obama and his family would come to know of both the Solar System Access Vehicle and Solar City for the Presidents daughters would become Solar System Kids themselves!

Learn more about Solar City and follow the coming adventures of the new Solar System Kids.  

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